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In addition to the apps and gadgets available, we can develop custom apps to fit your needs.

We develop companion and stand alone custom applications to compliment your systems.

We create gadgets for multiple platforms including Finesse.

We develop services capable of database interaction, file and directory manipulation, and more.

We offer database assistance with customized queries and support.

We develop SharePoint plugins and provide configuration and assistance.

We can create any website or web based applications needed.

Enhance your phone system with our custom scripting and development.

We work with Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) systems to develop or modify existing routing and admin scripts.

We provide Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) scripting solutions including development and modification of existing call scripts as well as troubleshooting and assistance.

We're also experienced in Customer Voice Portal (CVP) development. We can create new or enhance existing call studio scripts as well as create customized CVP elements.

We can create or enhance existing IP Interactive Voice Response (IPIVR) scripts. Our IPIVR services also include extensive troubleshooting and support.