Manage your call center better with Intelevue

Intelevue communicates with your Cisco Unified Contact Center system to display agent and skill group data at a glance on any screen of your choosing. Through an easy web administration system you can set up as many pages with tables, graphs and other information as suits your needs, and rotate them on the screen.

Client Comments

"Before we found it, we were not able to provide management and staff our current hold time and total calls answered throughout the day without sending an email to all. Now, it is a simple matter of looking at the wallboards to know our status. It has truly made a difference by providing a real time look at the day's productivity." - Tana Perry, Louisiana Workforce Commission

"As a service manager, Intelevue gives me all the information about my call center in understandable statistics and data. I can keep track of the different agents and groups without the hassle and time of generating reports. Intelevue puts all the information I need in front of me allowing me to customize each screen to fit my needs. Intelevue is an integral part of my daily operations." - Jason L.


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No Professionals Needed!

You won't need an IT pro to make changes to your Intelevue. Administration happens through an easy to use web interface that is loaded with contextual help to explain every available option and feature.

Realtime Insights

Gone are the days of waiting for reports to be generated and emailed at the end of the day. Gain realtime insights and important details that will allow for proactive management of your call center.

Display YOUR Business Data

In addition to the Intelevue displaying all of your call center data, you can easily include almost any web accessible content of your choosing, allowing you to show custom reports, weather, and more!


You choose which information and how you want the information displayed. Easily change colors, sizes, layouts, and branding details with the click of a mouse.

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Overview and walk-through videos demonstrate how to create a complete Intelevue rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the timing to the page rotations?

  1. Go to Rotations, Existing Rotations, and choose the rotation. Click "Edit Rotation".
  2. Select the page listed under "Page to Display" on the right and then click "Edit Selected".
  3. After clicking to edit the selected page, you will see the options on the left update with the page's settings. Change the "Time to Display" drop down to the number of seconds you want the page to remain on the screen.
  4. Click the "Save Changes" button located directly under the "Time to Display" setting.

How do I change the scrolling speed?

The scrolling speed is based on the amount of time the page is displayed during the rotation. To slow down the speed of scroll you can increase the amount of time the page is displayed, see “How do I change the timing to the page rotations?” for more information.

How do I set or change thresholds?

  1. Go to Elements, Existing Elements, and choose the element.
  2. After selecting the element, you will see a button appear labeled "Edit Thresholds". Click "Edit Thresholds".
  3. Under "Add a new threshold:" select the threshold type. This will be the column for which the threshold will be based.
  4. The first line contains drop downs and will read as a sentence explaining when the threshold will be triggered. Change the last drop down from "Always" to either "Under" or "Over" depending on the data and when you want the threshold triggered. For example, if you want the threshold to trigger when a "Time in State" is over an hour, you would choose "OVER". On the other hand, if you wanted to trigger when the number of agents ready was below 2 you would choose "UNDER". NOTE: "Current Status" thresholds will offer "Equal To" or "Not Equal To".
  5. After choosing UNDER or OVER, you will see a new field that lets you specify the threshold value. Enter the value you want to be used to trigger the threshold.
  6. Select the formatting options and click "Add".

After adding the threshold, you will see the threshold displayed along with any other thresholds defined for this element with an example of how the data will appear after applying the threshold. Clicking the "Edit" button will allow you to change the threshold's settings.

How do I change the color scheme in the pages?

Colors for elements are defined using styles. Go to Styles in the web administrator for Intelevue and choose either "New Style" or "Existing Styles" to get started. Visit our training site to view videos covering how to create, edit, and assign styles.

Is there a pause button so that I can manually stop the rotation or scrolling to review the displayed data in more detail?

No, Intelevue rotations are designed to continue without interruption. Try creating a rotation with a single page, increasing the amount of time the page stays on the screen, or filtering your table to include only the states you need.

How do I add external websites for display?

You have two options for displaying external websites in Intelevue. The Web Frame element can be configured when creating a new or editing an existing element with an external website URL and added to a page like any other element. The second option is to select "Web Page" under the "Page Type" options when creating a new or editing an existing rotation and then enter the external website URL to be included in the rotation.

Can I add sound?

Any external web page you add to Intelevue or the Custom Content elements may support sound, but Intelevue itself does have options for sound.

There are data points that I want to view that are not available such as total agent calls in real time. How do I add this?

If you have an interest in additional data points, external websites may be included in a rotation or you can submit a feature request by visiting Request Features.

How can I add other data sources such as my company’s ticketing system, our email contact queue, POS system information, etc.?

External webpages can be added to an Intelevue rotation, and is often a great solution for displaying external data.

How can I create custom views for different user groups that may share some data, but not all? How can I set the security of some pages to be viewable only to the users that I choose?

Create elements that show data based on skill groups or teams, and include only the information you want to be available to the group. Organize these elements onto pages in a rotation designed for that specific group and only share rotation’s URL with the group. You may also be interested in our Finesse gadgets that allow you to share information by team within Finesse.

Are there any limitations with the call data that can be viewed?

Please submit a feature request for any call center data you would like to see by visiting Request Features.

The data does not appear to be correct. How can I refresh the data so that it displays accurately?

Try restarting your web browser to ensure the rotation is running on your computer. If other people are viewing stale data in their rotations as well, the Intelevue Data Import Service may not be running on the Intelevue server. Contact support by visiting Contact Us or call (304) 201-4019 to speak with an Intelevue support engineer.

What are the recommended hardware and specs if I want to add a community wallboard display?

A wallboard display running Intelevue may be powered by any device capable of running a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome. Many use small form factor devices, an example of which is the Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick, which has 2GB RAM and a 1.3GHz Atom processor.

Are there any future enhancements that I can look forward to?

We are continually developing Intelevue based on your feature requests!

I am getting an error. What do I do?

Contact Intelevue support by visiting Contact Us or call (304) 201-4019 to speak with a support engineer.

How do I change my password?

Select Options and then choose “Change My Password” from the menu. You will be asked to enter your current password, your new password, and to confirm your new password. An Intelevue administrator is also able to change your password for users who have lost their password by selecting Users, User Management and then editing the user.

The font is too large. How do I adjust the size?

Fonts for elements are defined using styles. Go to Styles in the web administrator for Intelevue and choose "Existing Styles". Select the style assigned to the element and click the Edit button. Depending on the type of element being styled, you will find a “Font Size” setting under the various tabs that allow styling different aspects of the element.
Go to the Training Videos section to view videos covering how to create, edit, and assign styles.

Are there any templates or sample displays that I can use to help me customize?

Go to the Training Videos section to view our training videos. The Start Here section of the video library has walk-through videos for creating elements and rotations which may inspire you to come up with new and exciting ways to present your Contact Center data.

When would I use the “Data Purge” option under the “System” menu?

You should not need to use the “Data Purge” option, because Intelevue performs database maintenance for you behind the scenes. This option is typically only used when directed by a support engineer to purge the Intelevue database of agent and queue information before regenerating from Cisco. Your elements, rotations, and other options are not affected by a data purge.

How Is It Priced?

The Intelevue price is based on the number of Application and Web Licenses.

Application License

Application Licenses - Many customers use dedicated "always available" wallboard displays in common areas. These devices use a Windows application to load rotations and require an Application License before a rotation may be assigned.

Web License

Web Licenses - Web Licenses determine how many web browser based rotations may be running simultaneously, and are the most common form of licensing used to launch Intelevue rotations.

Combine any number of Web or Application Licenses to fit your needs.

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