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The Intelevue application lets you display useful call center information and statistics in a simple way. Intelevue takes any number of pages and cycles through them; providing constant, real time information on your Cisco phone system in an easily accessible manner.

Hours of Operation Management Interface (HOMI)

Allows users to easily change the hours of operation including daily schedule with breaks as well as holidays from a web interface and not having to modify any files on the server or update any scripting. It also allows them to close the entire call center(s) with the a single click in case of emergency. It has multiple permission levels as well as audit reporting to determine who and when changes were made. It can also be leveraged to provide a dial in solution for managing hours or emergency closing the call center(s).

LDAP Search and Update

A web based search engine that allows users to search through Active Directory to view, manage, and update available records as needed.

Receiving/Inventory/Purchasing (RIP)

RIP is a web based shipping and receiving system that allows users to create and edit purchase orders, receive and track items, as well as search through already received and inventory items.

Career Management

Career Management allows end users (applicants) to view and apply to open positions. Administrators have the ability to review and update applicant information, as well as manage the current job postings available to applicants. Administrators can search applicants by: their status(if the application has been reviewed, applicant was interviewed, ect...), their code (if they've been hired, or the amount of interest in the applicant), and applied position. Administrators view of each application returns it's current status and code as well as applicant information including: certifications, skills, and resume which can be easily downloaded for review.

CVP Log Explorer

Allows techs to easily trace a call through multiple CVP log files via ANI, GUID, or other caller entered information. It places all of the individual call’s information from each of the application log files into a single file in chronological order so that the technician can easily see where any problems might have occurred. It allows for this file to be exported, in case it would need to be delivered to an escalation engineer.

Dial Peer Assistant

The Dial Peer Assistant makes it easy to create a full local dialing plan for simplifying configuration of your voice gateway. The application accepts input from the user such as area code, port information, preference order, etc. The application creates a file with all of the local dial peers based on the information entered, allowing large dial plans to be entered quickly and accurately. This is extremely useful when upgrading to a 7 or 10 digit dial plan.

Custom Applications

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